Composing the Future

Dr. Joachim Kormannshaus


"Those who can, should": with this motto in mind, I gladly invest my resources as a doctor to be a companion and supporter for Koosha.
Giving time to each other, sharing life experiences, encouraging each other or overcoming challenging life situations together. Like the story of the palm tree and the stone, this causes strong growth with firm roots.
The story is about a small palm tree, at the beginning of its life journey and a man who wants to make its life more difficult by placing a heavy stone in the tree's crown. In vain it tried to get rid of this burden. After many years the man, full of malicious joy, looked for the crippled palm tree. Instead, he found an extremely large and magnificent one that said to him, "I thank you for the burden you have placed on me. I always believed in myself and never gave up, and so my roots grew until they reached the groundwater. The strength of my roots grew stronger and stronger, and so I grew more and more beyond myself. Thanks to this burden, I became the strongest of all palm trees!
Discovering opportunities even in obstacles, taking different perspectives, focusing fully on the goal, making the concrete steps forward... all these are important decisions on the way to success.

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